Subaru Head Gasket Service & Repair in Hillsboro, OR

How Does Accolade Auto’s Head Gasket Service Differ from Other Shops?

At Accolade Auto, all work is performed by one of our Subaru Specialist Technicians, each of whom performs multiple Subaru head gasket repairs weekly.

All the parts we use in our head gasket service have been deliberately chosen because they are the best, top-quality parts available.  We have relentlessly put hours of research and effort into choosing which parts to use, with quality being our number one goal.  We use only Six Star Stopper MLS Head Gaskets on SOHC engines. Additionally, we exclusively use OEM Subaru double roller idlers while many other shops don’t even get the timing belt idlers replaced when performing head gasket jobs.

When replacing head gaskets, Accolade Auto works to get the job done right the first time.  For this reason, we remove each vehicle’s engine every time we replace head gaskets.  Why?  There are several reasons:

  • Removing the engine allows us to properly clean and prepare the engine deck surfaces that mate to the new head gasket.
  • It is easier to inspect the block surface for warping or damage with a machinist straight edge.
  • This makes it easier to inspect the cylinder hone/cross-hatching for wear, heat damage, or scoring.
  • With the engine more accessible, we can more easily inspect the piston/ring seals, and inspect and reseal the oil pan, if necessary.
  • We never use a whiz wheel on the block deck or cylinder head mating surfaces.  (Whiz wheels make for faster cleaning but can damage/create uneven spots.)
  • We can more readily check and/or replace the rear main seal, wrist pin cover, and/or baffle plate on the back side of the engine.
    • If needed, we can upgrade to an aluminum baffle plate.  Aluminum baffle plates are less likely to leak than plastic since they heat and cool at the same rate as the aluminum short block.
  • We can turn the engine sideways on an engine stand.  This makes it easier to:
    • Keep the surface clean without oil, coolant, or debris getting in the way of a perfectly clean surface.
    • Properly torque down the cylinder head bolts.

For all your Subaru’s head gasket needs, consider Accolade Auto.  Give us a call or request an appointment today!

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